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School Meals

Menu and catering information about our school.

At St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School we support our parents who wish their children to live a healthy lifestyle. For those parents who wish their children to have a cooked meal at lunchtime, the school can provide a school meal that will provide one third of a pupil’s daily requirement of nutrients. Gateshead Council School Meals Service offers a wide range of healthy options in their nutritionally analysed menus and a team of their catering professionals produce these tasteful meals in school.

The cost of the meals is currently £3.00 each (£15.00 per week). Meals can be paid for via the your school online Arbor account.

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Updated | 19th March, 2024 |

Latest News

A Lovely Afternoon

This afternoon, Year 5 visited Nursery. Year 5 absolutely love spending time with the children in Nursery and it is lovely to see how they’ve all bonded since September. They’ve spent the afternoon drawing, reading and playing outside. They ended their time together with an ice pop, a few songs and our end of day […]

Volcanic Eruptions at Stella!

Today, Year 3 celebrated the end of their current topic in Geography – Volcanoes! We all have enjoyed our project which was to create a volcano model using the knowledge gained in lessons. Everyone’s volcanoes were amazing, which showed the hard work and dedication the children put into learning. First, we enjoyed volcanic chocolate cake […]

Building Bridges in DT

This half term, in DT lessons, Year 5 have been learning all about bridges. They’ve considered the structure and shapes needed to create a strong bridge. In groups, they were given success criteria, 50 art straws, 15 pieces of paper and 5m of tape. They made some wonderful bridges, that we then tested to see […]